Treatment Estimates Overview and Settings


Treatment estimates can be used to communicate treatment costs to animal owners before beginning procedures or when additional treatments are needed over a more extended hospital stay. Treatment estimates can be easily changed into actual invoice items.

You can also create estimate bundles to be used as templates for the most commonly used estimates. Estimate bundles are item bundles which can be used to make creating new estimates quicker and easier. Instead of always creating a frequently used estimate from scratch, you can create a new estimate quickly by using an estimate bundle as a template.

In addition to estimate bundles, you can use an existing estimate as a template for a new one by copying an existing treatment estimate.


NOTE: The settings listed below are specifically related to treatment estimates. Many other settings related to invoicing and financials in general also affect treatment estimates. 

Show Estimate Usage Percentually 

Settings > General > Department > Department Settings > Show estimate usage percentually

When estimates are used in consultations, it may be useful to see how the current treatment costs compare to the sum of the estimate. When this setting is selected, the percentual use of the estimate is shown in the sidebar on the consultation page.


Cost Estimate Limit Percentage

Settings > General > Department > Consultation general info settings > Cost estimate limit percentage

With this setting, you can show a warning when the sum of the treatment items in the consultation is reaching the estimated limit. Users are alerted when less than this percentage is left in the estimate. For example, if you set the limit as "10", a warning is shown when the total invoice sum is over 90% of the estimate sum. If you do not want to show a warning, leave the field empty.


Price and Quantity Ranges

Settings > General > Department > Department Settings > Enable price and quantity ranges on treatment estimates

Sometimes the cost of procedures such as operations cannot be fixed before the procedure has been completed. In these cases, you can use this setting to show the cost of procedures as a range.

You can also select whether cost ranges are displayed in single or separate columns. Note that this setting is set separately for the user interface and printouts:

  • User interface: Settings > General > Department > Department Settings > Display style for estimate numeric ranges
  • Printouts: Settings > General > Print settings > Estimate > Display style for estimate numeric ranges


Cost Estimate Email Message

Settings > General > Print settings > Estimate > Custom text in estimate email

With this setting, you can add a customised text that is included in the email when estimates are sent by email.

Cost Estimate Agreement Text

Settings > General > Print settings > Estimate > Show agreement section on cost estimates and Estimate agreement text

With these settings, you can add an agreement section in the estimate printout (PDF).

Item Ordering on Estimates

Settings > General > Department > Department Settings > Enable alternative item ordering on estimates and invoices

Items are normally grouped on estimates by their type (procedures, medicines, etc.). When this setting is selected, items are not grouped, but listed in the order they were added to the estimate. Note that this setting also affects regular invoices.

Declining Estimate Items

Settings > General > Department > Department settings > Enable declining estimate items

When this setting is selected, you can mark items as declined by the client on the estimate.

Client Personal ID on Estimate Printout

Settings > General > Print settings > Department header information > ID number

When this setting is selected, the client's personal ID number (if added in the client's profile information) is shown in the header information of the estimate printout.

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