Credit Note Settings

Department Settings

These settings control the credit note functionality for departments. In addition, user permission group settings define the users access to the available credit note functionality. 

Settings > General > Department > Department settings

  • Enable Payment CancellationsWhen selected, it is possible to cancel payments on finalised invoices.
  • Enable prepayments: When selected, the prepayment functions are available. See the following setting.
  • Enable credit note transfer to prepayments: When selected, an option to transfer the credit sum to prepayments is available for credit notes. Note that the previous setting must also be selected.
  • Credit note date logicYou can select the default date option for credit notes. Note, however, that the Earliest possible date for financial events setting overrides this setting in case of a conflict.
  • Credit note quantity limit: When selected, the credit note row quantity cannot be higher than the corresponding original invoice row quantity.

Settings > General > Department > Invoices

  • Prefix for credit invoices: You can define a prefix that is added to credit notes. Note that editing the prefix resets invoice numbering. To add an additional prefix tag, select the plus button. The prefix tag is shown above the credit note invoice number on the invoice printout. Editing the tag does not affect invoice numbering or any already finalised credit notes. If simplified invoices are used, you can also add a separate Prefix for simplified credit invoices.
  • Use normal invoice prefix for positive total credit notes: When selected, the normal invoice prefix is used instead of the the credit note prefix when the credit note total sum is more than 0.00.

Settings > General > Department > Insurance settings

  • Enable automatic insurance payment refunds during credit note finalization: When selected, insurance payments are automatically refunded when credit notes are created from invoices including an insurance payment. Otherwise, insurance payments must be separately selected to be refunded.
  • Use current date for automatically refunded payments: When selected, the current date is used for automatically refunded insurance payments. Otherwise, the original insurance payment date is used.

Permission Group Settings

These settings control the availability of credit note functionality for user permission groups.

Settings > Users > Permission groups

  • Can transfer credit note to prepayments
  • Can credit items on invoices
  • Can create credit note
  • Can create credit notes for credit notes
  • Can use 'Credit and invoice again' in credit note modal
  • Can create credit notes from invoices with insurance claims

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