Credit and Create a New Invoice

Note: If a card payment terminal integration has been used, this option is not available unless prepayments are also used. For more information, see Refund With Card Payment Terminal Integrations.
  1. On the invoice page, open the Credit note dialogue and select Credit the invoice, create new draft. The refund dialogue opens.
  2. Depending on your department's credit note date settings, you may be able to select the date used for the credit note. If you want to use the original invoice date as the credit note date, select the Use original invoice date checkbox. If you do not select the checkbox, the current date is used for the credit note. 
  3. When the invoice has been paid, select the payments you want to credit under Payments to refund. Typically, you would credit all payments and invoice again entirely. If prepayments are used by your clinic and you have the required rights, you can also move the payments to prepayments. If the invoice has not been paid yet, you can go to step 4 and move on to correct the required information on the new invoice draft.
  4. Select Continue. A new invoice page is automatically created based on the original invoice and the credit note.
  5. Make the required corrections and finalise invoicing and payments according to your workflow.


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