Refund with Card Payment Terminal Integrations

Refund an Entire Invoice

If your card terminal does not allow payment refunds (reversals), create a credit note following the process for full refunds and use some other payment method to refund the sum to the customer (e.g. a bank transfer).

If your terminal integration allows card payment refunds (reversals), create a credit note following the process for full refunds and add some payment method on the credit note. Then complete the payment reversal from the original invoice page. After the reversal, the option Pay with credit note appears next to the payment button. Select the option to mark the invoice and credit note as paid.

Refund a Part of an Invoice

Most card terminal integrations only allow full refunds and you may have to use another payment method for partial refunds. Create a credit note following the process for partial refunds and select another payment method.

Credit and Invoice Again

The Credit the invoice, create new draft option is available with integrated card payments only if prepayments are also enabled. The card payment credit is then automatically transferred to prepayments. The initial card payment can be reversed from the original invoice page if the integration allows it.

Cancel and Correct Payments

The Correct payment methods option is not available is not available for integrated card payments in the credit note dialogue. If payment cancellations are enabled in your department settings and the terminal integration allows it, cancel and correct payments using the options on the original invoice.

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