Viivi Telemedicine Overview and Settings


Viivi telemedicine is Provet Cloud's virtual consultation solution used to start a video call with a client directly from Provet Cloud. Viivi telemedicine is an add-on feature to the core product and is available if it has been enabled in your system.

Viivi telemedicine does not require any special equipment, only the ability to connect to the internet and receive and transmit video and audio. However, using two monitors is recommended as this allows you to broadcast the video on one screen while adding notes to Provet Cloud on another.

The functions for sending a link for a Viivi telemedicine virtual consultation and opening a Viivi telemedicine virtual consultation are available in the appointment dialogue and on the consultation page.


Settings > Department > Settings

Enable Viivi telemedicine: When selected, the buttons for sending a Viivi telemedicine link and opening a Viivi telemedicine session are available in the new appointment dialogue, appointment details dialogue, and the consultation page.

Automatic telemedicine link sending methods: You can set the default method (email, SMS, or both) for sending Viivi telemedicine consultation call links when a Viivi telemedicine virtual call room is automatically created for the selected appointment reason. The default sending method can be changed in the appointment options.

Send reminder before consultation starts: You can set how many minutes before the consultation the Viivi telemedicine room is created and the link sent to the client.

Settings > Items & Lists > Reasons

You can define the following appointment reason settings for Viivi telemedicine. To edit a reason, select the pen button on the reason row.

This will automatically create a room for the telemedicine: When this setting is selected, a Viivi telemedicine virtual call room is always created automatically when this reason is selected for an appointment.


Advance payment item: If advance payments can be used in your system, you can select an item used for advance payments for Viivi telemedicine consultations.


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