Book a Viivi Telemedicine Appointment

  1. Create a new appointment in the same way as a regular appointment and fill in the appointment details.
  2. In the email and SMS communications section of the new appointment dialogue, select the Send Viivi telemedicine room link option. You can send the link to the client by email and/or SMS (if email/SMS sending is enabled for the client). One or both options may be selected by default depending on the Viivi telemedicine settings, but you can change them. Note that the telemedicine link is not sent in the appointment confirmation message but in a separate message which does not include other information about the appointment. The telemedicine link message is sent based on on the telemedicine settings.
  3. Save the appointment. The link is sent to the client.

You can also <<change an existing in-person appointment to a Viivi telemedicine virtual appointment>>.


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