Customising Your User Profile and Setting Your Personal Preferences

To access your user details, click your user name in the right-hand corner of the Provet Cloud view and select My Profile. To edit the information in the sections, click the pen icon next to the section title.



Personal Details and Profile Image

You can change your Provet Cloud profile image and update your personal information such as name, contact email address, phone number, and preferred language.

You can also save your signature in your personal details. Your signature can be added automatically on vaccination certificate printouts or used on consultations in connected notes, clinical notes, and discharge instructions templates through a placeholder.


You can change your personal password unless your clinic uses an authorisation integration. In that case, contact your local administrator for password instructions.

Prevent Scheduling Outside Shifts

This setting is under your personal details section. When this setting is selected, appointments cannot be booked for you outside your scheduled shifts.


You can set some preferences for your calendar and Dashboard views.

  • Show deleted veterinarians in filters: When selected, the veterinarian lists in appointments and reports include also users that have been deleted. Deleted users are shown in the list with a strikethrough.
  • Theme: You can choose the default or accessible theme for your Provet Cloud. The accessible theme has some visual differences in the user interface to make it easier to distinguish between elements if needed.
  • Dashboard: You can select the Patient care page that is shown by default when you log in to Provet Cloud.
  • Remember current page: When selected, the last page you had open when you logged out of Provet Cloud is opened when you log back in. This settings overrides the dashboard setting.
  • Memory duration: You can define in minutes for how long the last page is remembered. For example, if you define the duration as 10 minutes and log in again after 15 minutes, the last page you were on in the previous session does not open anymore (instead, your default dashboard page opens). 

Widget Settings

You can select whether to include the laboratory analyses and laboratory requests sections on your Dashboard page. 

Calendar Feeds

You can enable calendar feeds for Provet Cloud's shifts and appointments. Calendar feeds allow you to easily see your upcoming events from any device. The feeds are exported in the iCalendar format which is supported by all major calendar providers such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal. For more information, see the 'How to' help in the user interface.

Task Settings

Task notifications are shown in the Provet Cloud user interface with the checkmark button in the top menu bar, but you can also select additional settings for tasks and task notifications.

  • Notify about tasks by email: When selected, you will receive task notifications by email.
  • Notify about expired tasks: When selected, you will receive an email when a task is expiring if the previous setting is also selected. A text message may also be sent depending on your department's task settings.
  • Notify about new tasks immediately with email/SMS: When selected, you will receive an email or a text message (depending on your email setting above and your department's task settings) immediately when a new task is assigned to you.
  • Subscribed users: In this field, you can select others users whose tasks you also want to see in your task list in the top menu bar.

Notification Settings

You can select the events you want to be notified about and whether you want to be notified in Provet Cloud (the bell button in the top menu bar) or by a text message.

Availability Status

When you select Unavailable, you can set the start and end time when you are unavailable and add a message. Other users will see that you are unavailable when planning to assign a task for you, and you will not receive notifications during the time you are unavailable.

Direct Printing with WebApp Hardware Bridge

If direct printing is used in your system, you may be able to choose yourself if you want to enable direct printing or not. For more information about direct printing, see Setting up One-click Printing (Windows).

Mobile App

Provet Cloud mobile app may be available if it has been enabled in your system. To set up your access, follow the instructions on the screen. For more information, see Offline Mobile App.

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