View the Invoice List

All client invoices and credit notes are listed on the Records > Invoices page. You can use the text search field to search for invoices with client name. To open more search options, select the Extended search checkbox.

In addition to the search options, you can use the filters to view invoices by payment status, invoice type (consultation or counter sale), and invoice status (draft or finalised). Hover your mouse over the blue and white infotip for more information.

From Columns, you can select the columns to show in the list. To save your selected filters and columns so that the same selections are applied the next time you view the invoice list, select the wrench tool button > Save filters.

Invoice links

The Links column in the list includes links to the invoice and possible connected credit notes.

The invoice row of an original invoice (1) includes links to the connected consultation and the invoice page. A link button on the right side of the invoice button indicates that a credit note has been created for the invoice. The link button opens the credit note page.

On a credit note row (2), the invoice button opens the credit note page, and the link button on the left opens the original invoice. If another credit note has been created for the credit note (3), the link button on the right opens the second credit note.




Invoice list actions

From the Tools menu, you can start creating a new counter sale or consolidated invoices. 

You can also select invoices in the list to perform actions on them: either click on the rows in the list to select specific rows, or select Select all (selects all invoices on all pages) or Select all on page (selects all invoices on the current page) above the list. A pop-up menu opens at the bottom of the page.

  • From the Actions menu, you can add or remove tags for the selected invoices, create a new consolidated invoice from the invoices, register payments, finalise the invoices, send the invoices by email, or mark the invoices as sent.
  • From the Export / Print menu, you can export and print the list of the selected invoices as a PDF or XLS file. In addition, you can export and print the original versions, the current versions (if any changes were made to the original version), and a combined version of the selected invoices as a PDF.

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