Create Consolidated Invoices from Selected Invoices

You can create a consolidated invoice from selected invoices on the Billing tab of a client page or on Clients & Patients > Invoices.

Note that invoices with different prefixes (for example, if different prefixes are used for credit notes and regular invoices) cannot be consolidated. Invoices that have a different prefix than the invoice with the oldest invoice date are excluded from the consolidated invoice.

  1. Select the invoices you want to consolidate. You can select individual invoices in the invoice list or the Select all or Select all on page buttons above the list. Note that the 'select all' option selects all invoices in a filtered list. For example, to consolidate a client's all unpaid invoices, select the Unpaid filter and then Select all.
  2. When invoices are selected in the list, a pop-up menu appears at the bottom of the screen. Select Actions > + New consolidated invoice from the menu. The Create consolidated invoice page opens, and the selected and excluded invoices are listed on the page. Note that if draft invoices are included, they will be finalised when the consolidated invoice is created.
  3. The Select payer drop-down list shows the payer information of each selected invoice. Select the one you want to use for the consolidated invoice.
  4. Add any optional remarks, then select Create new consolidated invoice and confirm. The consolidated invoice page opens.

The original invoices are listed under Related invoices with links to the original invoice pages. On the original invoice pages, the invoices are marked as 'paid' with the payment type 'Consolidated invoice'. On the consolidated invoice page, the due sum shows the combined sum of the original invoices. The due date is the latest due date from the original invoices.

Invoices That Include Insurance Claims

Invoices that include an insurance due sum cannot be included in a consolidated invoice.

When you consolidate selected invoices, invoices that include an insurance due sum are excluded from the consolidated invoice and listed below the selected invoices on the Create consolidated invoice page.

Invoices that include a paid insurance sum can be consolidated, but the insurance sum is not included in the consolidated invoice.

Invoices That Include Payments by Prepayments

It is not recommended to use prepayments as payments on an invoice when you know that the invoice will be consolidated. If prepayments have been used for payments, cancel the payments before consolidating the invoices, then consolidate the invoices and use the prepayments on the consolidated invoice.

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