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Processing an Invoice Payment

Recurring Health Plan Payments


When using the Gravity Payments integration, an invoice can be paid using a payment terminal, by manually entering the client's card number, or using the client's card saved in Provet Cloud.

Processing an Invoice Payment

1. Open the invoice and select Gravity Payments.

Note: The invoice must be finalized before the Gravity Payments integration can be used.

On the invoice page, select the Gravity Payments button at the bottom of the page. A new tab opens.

2. Select or add the payment amount.

Select Collect payment. To pay the full invoice payment amount, select the Due balance option. If you want to enter a payment amount manually, select the Enter amount option and add the amount in the field.

3. Select the payment method.

You can use a payment terminal, enter the card details manually, or use a saved card. Note that there is no payment type confirmation such as Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. All payments performed through the integration are recognized as 'Gravity Payments'.

a. Use a payment terminal.

  1. From the payment method drop-down list, select Use POS.
  2. From the device drop-down list, select the terminal you want to use to process the card.
  3. Select Connect to device to pair the device with Provet Cloud.
  4. Complete the transaction by having the client tap or insert their credit card.

b. Add the card details manually.

  1. From the payment method drop-down list, select Use card number.
  2. Select Pay invoice. A credit card dialogue opens.
  3. Enter the client's credit card details and select the Pay button.

If any details were entered with an error, an error message appears and the information is highlighted in red.

c. Use a card saved on the client's profile.

For saving a card on a client's profile, see Saving a Credit Card to a Client's Profile.

  1. From the payment method drop-down list, select Use stored card. A list of the client's saved credit cards appears.
  2. Select the credit card the client wants to use and select Collect from selected card.

Once the payment has been processed successfully, the Gravity Payments tab closes automatically after a few seconds and a new payment row is shown under Payments on the invoice page. For payments processed through the Gravity Payments integration, a transaction ID is shown on the payment row.

If the Gravity Payments integration payment row is not shown, refresh the invoice page. If the row still does not appear, there was an error in the payment processing.

Recurring Health Plan Payments

The Gravity Payments integration can be used for automatic recurring health plan payments if it has been enabled in the settings and a payment card has been saved for the client in Provet Cloud. Using the Gravity Payments integration option, the subscription payment will be automatically charged from the client's payment card every month. 

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