Saving a Credit Card to a Client's Profile


You can save a client's credit card to the client's profile for future invoice payments and recurring payments when health plans are used in your system. Note that while a credit card is saved from the Gravity Payments integration page, it can be removed only on the Billing tab of the client page.

Saving a Credit Card to a Client's Profile

  1. Go to the client's page or open the client's invoice and select Gravity Payments. A new tab opens.
  2. Select + Add new card. A credit card dialogue opens.
  3. Enter the credit card details and select Save Card.

You can view the client's saved credit cards on the Billing tab of the client page, under Payment cards.


Removing a Credit Card from a Client's Profile

Note: If you remove a client's credit card and there are active health plan subscriptions that use the card for recurring payments, the subscriptions can no longer be billed automatically unless you add a new card for the subscriptions.
  1. Go to the client's page > Billing tab and find the credit card you want to remove under Payment cards.
    Note: If you do not see the client's stored cards on the Billing tab, check that the Allow gravity payment for recurring payment setting is selected in Settings > Location > 'Health plan' (a custom term for the feature may be in use).
  2. Select the trashcan button at the end of the card row.
  3. Select Save to confirm.


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