VetEnvoy Integration Overview and Setup


Provet Cloud offers an integration with VetEnvoy for transferring veterinary information electronically and securely between Provet Cloud and other systems. Using the VetEnvoy integration, Provet Cloud users can send direct electronic insurance claims from Provet Cloud to insurance companies and register patients' microchip numbers to existing microchip databases. Automating information transfer with the VetEnvoy integration helps your clinic to streamline your daily processes and save time.

The VetEnvoy integration is currently available in the UK market only. For the currently supported insurance companies and microchip databases, please see VetEnvoy Partners.

Setup and Activation

Setting up the VetEnvoy integration in your Provet Cloud includes the following steps.

  1. To start using the VetEnvoy integration, contact Provet Cloud Support or Sales.
  2. The Provet Cloud team requests a user ID and password from VetEnvoy for your clinic and sets up the integration in your Provet Cloud.
  3. In Settings > Integrations > VetEnvoy connection, select the Enable VetEnvoy connection checkbox to enable the integration in your Provet Cloud.
  4. In Settings > Integrations > VetEnvoy connection, activate the features you want to use.

Insurance claims

  • To enable direct electronic insurance claims, select the Insurance claims checkbox.

Microchip registration

  • To enable microchip registration, select the Microchip registrations checkbox.
  • In the Person responsible for microchip registrations field, you can add a user who will receive automatically created tasks for all failed microchip registrations. This user can also be a virtual user. If no responsible user is added in the settings, the user who attempted the microchip registration receives the task for a failed attempt.
  • Some microchip providers provide a unique pincode to clinics for registering microchips using the VetEnvoy microchip registration service. To add a microchipprovider's pincode, select Add in the Microchip providers authentication codes section.
  • The VetEnvoy integration uses the Provet Cloud species categories to convert the patient species to a value accepted by VetEnvoy. Make sure that you have mapped your species to the species categories in Settings > Items & Lists > Lists.


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