Frakmenta Integration Overview and Setup


Frakmenta is a financial solution that allows customers to pay for their purchases in instalments. With the Frakmenta integration, you can offer Frakmenta as a payment option in Provet Cloud.

The Frakmenta integration is only available in Spain.

When using the Frakmenta payment option, a Provet Cloud user only needs to create a Frakmenta credit application in Provet Cloud. The client then receives a link to select a Frakmenta instalment plan for their payment, and the payment is automatically added to the correct invoice in Provet Cloud.

Setup and Activation

To enable Frakmenta as a payment option for your clients:

  1. Sign a contract with Frakmenta. You will receive an ID and password from Frakmenta.
  2. Contact the Provet Cloud team to set up the Frakmenta integration in your Provet Cloud. They will need the following information from you:
    • The ID and password you received from Frakmenta.
    • How long you want the payment links sent to clients to be valid. For example, if clients always pay at the clinic, the link does not need to be valid for very long. However, if the link is sent to the client during the day when their pet is being treated, the link may need to be valid for a few hours.


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