Paying with Credit and Refunding Credit Payments

Creating a Credit Application and Paying with Credit

When using the Frakmenta payment option, you only need to create a Frakmenta credit application in Provet Cloud. Once the client has selected the Frakmenta instalment plan they want to use for the payment, the payment is added automatically to the invoice in Provet Cloud.

Note that you must first finalise the invoice before you can create a Frakmenta credit application.

  1. On the invoice page, scroll to the Credit applications section. From the + Credit application drop-down menu, select the Frakmenta option.
  2. Check and fill in the required information. The credit amount is automatically filled in based on the invoice due sum and cannot be edited.
  3. Select OK - send application.

The credit application appears under the Credit applications section on the invoice page. You can also view the client's all credit applications on the Billing tab of the client page.

Credit application statuses:

  • Created: The credit application has been created.
  • Application sent: The credit application has been sent to Frakmenta.
  • Approved: The credit application has been processed by Frakmenta.
  • Checkout link sent: The payment link has been sent to the client.
  • Fully used: The client has paid the amount and the payment has been automatically added to the invoice in Provet Cloud.
  • Expired: The credit application is no longer valid and the client's payment link has expired.
  • Rejected: The credit application has been rejected by Frakmenta.

To view the application information, select the eye button (1) on the application row. To view the log entries of the credit application, select the Show log button (2).


Refunding Credit Payments

For refundable payments, the Refund button is available at the end of the payment row on the invoice page.

  1. Under Payments, select the Refund button at the end of the Frakmenta payment row. A dialogue opens.
  2. Add the amount you want to refund. The amount must be bigger than 0 and can be less than or same as the remaining refundable amount of the payment.
  3. Select OK. A pending payment is added to the invoice.


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