Overview of Appointment Confirmations and Reminders


You can send your clients appointment confirmation messages to confirm their scheduled appointments, and reminder messages to remind them about upcoming appointments. Through confirmation and reminder messages, you can also offer your clients a possibility to pre-register and check in online.

When booking an appointment in Provet Cloud, you can select if appointment confirmation and reminder messages are sent to clients. Confirmation and reminder messages can be sent by email, SMS (text message), or both. The messages are sent based on the default appointment booking settings or appointment reason specific settings.

Confirmation emails are always sent for appointments that clients book themselves through online booking. Some online booking specific confirmation and reminder settings are available, but the default and appointment reason specific settings are also used for online booking.

Pre-Registration and Self Check-In

If pre-registration is used in your Provet Cloud, the confirmation and reminder messages include a link to the pre-registration page. Depending on your settings, clients can check their information, answer possible preliminary questions, and confirm or cancel their appointment online.

Learn more about pre-registration and self check-in.

List of Sent Confirmations and Reminders

You can view a list of all appointment reminders sent to a client on the Communication tab of the client page.


Message Example

Below are examples of email and SMS messages that a client would receive for an appointment:



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