Set Up Conditional Pricing

This function is currently only available in a limited number of customer environments, but will soon be added to all customers.

Condition-based pricing on items may be useful, for example, if you have different price margins depending on whether a medicine is used in the clinic or sold to the client to take home, or if you have different prices for the same medicine depending on the species.

You can set up conditional pricing rules if you have the required permissions

  1. Go to Settings > Lists & Templates > Conditional pricing.
  2. To add a new conditional rule, select Add.
  3. Add a name for the rule.
  4. Select the Active checkbox if you want the rule to be available for use after you save it. If you leave the checkbox unchecked, the rule is saved as a draft.
  5. Select the department and department group (if used in your system) that you want to add the rule for.
  6. Define the conditions for the rule. For example, to set a rule to override the default medicine price when a medicine is dispensed, create two conditions and define the action:
    • Condition 1:
      1. From the If drop-down list, select Item type.
      2. For the is field, select Medicine.
    • Condition 2:
      1. Select + Add condition.
      2. From the If drop-down list, select Usage type.
      3. For the is field, select Dispensed.
    • Condition 3:
      1. Select + Add condition.
      2. From the If drop-down list, select Species.
      3. For the is field, select Cat.
    •  Action:
      1. From the Then drop-down list, select Markup percentage.
      2. In the is field, add the percentage to use for dispensed medicines.
  7. Select Save.


User Group Permissions

To set up conditional prices, you need the required user permissions. The following setting controls the availability of the conditional pricing settings for user permission groups:

  • Users > Permission groups > Can access / edit conditional pricing


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