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When importing new items using the file importer, you can either give all pricing components (such as the purchase price, markup, and selling price) to the importer or only some specific information (such as the selling price) and let the importer calculate the missing ones.

This article provides an overview of the automatic calculation rules that Provet Cloud applies. The results of the calculations are shown in the importer's preview step. To access the file importer, go to Settings > Import & Export > Import from file.

VAT (Sales Tax) Calculations

Importing New Items

The following rules apply to all prices that have VAT and non-VAT versions. Note that when importing items, a VAT% percentage (VAT group) must always be given.

Case Price excluding VAT VAT% Price including VAT
All components given 10 20% 12
Excl. VAT given 10 20% calculated (12)
Incl. VAT given calculated (10) 20% 12
No prices given assumed zero (0) 20% assumed zero (0)

The following pricing options are affected by the VAT calculation rules:

  • Purchase price
  • Selling price
  • Net purchase price
  • Minimum price
  • Minimum charge
  • Handling fee
  • Partial package handling fee
  • Injection fee

Updating Items Using Import

When updating existing items, any given values take precedence, and the corresponding old values are recalculated.

Example VAT% Old price excl. VAT Old price incl. VAT New price excl. VAT New price incl. VAT
Incl. VAT updated 20% 10 12 recalculated (20) updated (24)
Excl. VAT updated 20% 10 12 updated (20) recalculated (20)
Both updated 20% 10 12 updated (20) updated (24)

Purchase Price, Markup, Selling Price, and the Option to Disable Automatic Selling Price Calculation

Importing New Items (except Procedures)

Previously, all of these components had to be given when importing new items (except for procedures, which do not have purchase prices). Now the system can calculate the missing components based on the following rules.

Note: As shown in the VAT (sales tax) calculations section, purchase and selling prices also have VAT-exclusive and VAT-inclusive values. These are calculated accordingly.

Case Purchase price Markup% Selling price
All components given 10 50% 15
Selling price missing 10 50% calculated (15)
Markup missing 10 calculated (50%) 15
Purchase price missing calculated (10) 50% 15
Only purchase price 10 assumed zero (0%) calculated (10)
Only markup assumed zero (0) 50% assumed zero (0)
Only selling price assumed zero (0) assumed zero (0%) 15
Nothing given assumed zero (0) assumed zero (0%) assumed zero (0)

Updating Items (except Procedures) with Import

The importer also includes the option to import the state of the item card option Disable automatic selling price calculation. It will have effect when items are updated using the importer and the purchase price is updated. It does not matter if the state of the option is changed with the update import or if it is inherited from the existing item.

When all or at least two of the three core pricing components (purchase price, markup, and selling price) are given for an item update, the disabling option does not have any effect, and the update import behaves similarly to a new item import.

The following table describes various cases in relation to the disabling option. Compared to the new import table above, we are updating the purchase price to 20, the markup to 25%, and the selling price to 30 for the cases. "Inherited" means that the data is inherited from the existing item we are updating.

Case Disable automatic selling price calculation Purchase price Markup%  
Purchase given NO 20 inherited (50%) calculated (30)
Purchase given YES 20 calculated (-25%) inherited (15)
Markup given NO inherited (10) 25% calculated (12,5)
Markup given YES inherited (10) 25% calculated (12,5)
Selling given NO inherited (10) calculated (200%) 30
Selling given YES inherited (10) calculated (200%) 30

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